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Some suggestions on learning keyboard
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Electronic keyboard quick find adjustment method

Home has a beautiful electric piano, want to play a new popular "our songs", can be a look at the ----#C! How to play?

Oh, of course you novice master is dumbfounded, hard not to fall, no matter what tune can deal with.

Come and see, the novice, now teach you how to quickly find a tune:

Carefully read the above the keyboard of the electronic organ, English letters ABCDEFG is the musical alphabet, only seven (the other is repeated), corresponding to the numbered musical notation roll call 1234567. From left to right and from low to high order. If the play C tune, on the keyboard to find C, it is equal to 1 of the song music, that is, the central C. In front of that said, "our song" #C tune and how to find it? Because of the #C 1 than C adjustable high 1 half a tone, so close to middle C on the right side of the black keys is # C (adjacent to the black and white keys are a half step or semitone relations).

That is to say, a tone of the 1 tone is found, its scale also came out, the scale one out, the song can not be able to play it out? But there is a prerequisite for the black and white keys, keyboard tone, semitone relations must be clearly.

The key and difficult point of learning electronic organ

In addition to the piano, the biggest characteristic is the automatic chord and automatic rhythm. This is also a place where the piano is completely different.

If you have a basic knowledge of the piano, electronic organ became simply easy, posture, fingering, tonality, skills, almost all can copy the old brain. The only thing to do, however, is to be familiar with the features of the automatic chords and rhythms.

If you have not touched any keyboard before, in addition to the automatic chord and automatic rhythm as the key, but also a lot of practice the right hand skills.

In the familiar and master the basic common fingering on the right hand, to focus on training of agility and flexibility. Can choose the Hanon Czerny etudes fingering, repeated practice.

Have every reason to say so, through a long period of time (one year) training, the right hand or rigidity, don't continue to practice down, and then trained absolute sorry "adult".

For automatic chords, the key lies in understanding. Know the meaning of the chord, distinguish the nature of all kinds of chords, use and play up is not difficult. Automatic rhythm so, listen more to sing, with the rhythm, relaxed even beat co-author dance, the rhythm of your sense will become more and more strong. Don't fear, perseverance. In this regard to be divided into two steps: the first step, the right hand with the automatic rhythm of the melody, the left hand not to play the automatic chord. The second step, in the first step completely skilled premise, slow down the speed to the right hand with automatic chords.

The focus and difficulty of learning the keyboard, the piano is very brief, but you have to do it carefully.

Remember: the right hand flexibility, automatic chords and automatic rhythm is the key and difficult to learn the keyboard, and repeated more practice!

And many of the electric piano, pay attention to right-hand fingering exercises, and ignore the practice on the left, the bimanual coordination level is not enough, is caused by playing level limitations of an important reason. Method to solve the problem is to strengthen the hands of practice, such as practice some Hanon fingering, Czerny works for practice, basic course for the piano. The coordination of both hands to reach a higher level, so that you can easily solve the skills from the skills to play the.

Two, electronic piano in the band is responsible for a major supporting role. How to play in the band, requires the player to learn some more harmony and orchestration, understand some knowledge of polyphony.

Three, diligent practice, mastery of the practice of various accompaniment and accompaniment.

Four, familiar with the electronic piano itself, sound, rhythm, music library and other functions, so that it plays the role of application, rich play skills.

Five, listen to some music, and in some high taste concerts, improve their music literacy.

From the keyboard to turn the piano do not let the child take a detour

Some parents want their children to learn the piano, and worry about the cost of a few thousand dollars to buy a piano at home so much, if the children learn not go on for two years will result in waste. So very smart to think of a compromise - let the children learn the piano, electronic piano looks almost like the piano, but whether it is the cost of teaching or to buy the piano is relatively low. Even if the school does not go on, it is not a pity. If the child is very good piano learning, and then turn the piano is more simple. Indeed, electronic piano and piano are keyboard instruments, many of the tracks on the piano, but also can be played on the keyboard (especially now with the 88 key digital piano). Learn the electronic instrument for children when learning the piano, music theory, music for aspects will be of great help. Courage to let the children learn the keyboard and then the piano practice is not desirable, because this is simply two kinds of musical instruments.

First, electronic piano and Piano touch key methods and requirements are different.

Because the keyboard is an electronic musical instrument, the basic touch key to make a sound, although there is also a touch key strength of the electronic piano, but after all, with the mechanical sound principle of the piano is completely different. From the piano to learn the piano's children need to learn piano keys touch method, the habit has been completely erased, and then learn completely different skills, which for children, it is difficult to.

Secondly, there is no elephant