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Don't look down on the keyboard.
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In the eyes of many people, the electronic organ is a musical instrument, it is not in good taste with a casual. However, the following the parents, perhaps you can more clearly understand what the keyboard is!

My daughter learned electronic organ has been for 3 years, is a solid effort to learn. At first I also want to let her have a hobby and expertise on the line, of course, can learn more proficient, can play in some public places and the accompaniment is better. Does not mean that she will be able to rely on this to eat". As a result, we adults actively counseling, children learn and practice seriously, the teacher to teach, but also to learn well. In the first year was recommended to participate in the region to participate in the game, but also get the ranking. Until now have to learn the good, is a teacher of the students. So some people advised me to buy a piano for the children, let the children learn the piano. I don't think it's necessary. The reason why people look down on electronic music is that I think there are the following reasons.

One is that the electronic organ low price, grade is not enough, the board is not in good taste. In fact, the modern electronic organ, has a very rich tone and automatic accompaniment function, which is the unique features of other instruments. A more advanced electronic organ, especially the electronic synthesizer, its function is not necessary. The key is many parents and children do not understand, of course, will not be able to give full play to the unique features of the electronic organ, plainly is only the basic keyboard and other know not much. There are quite a number of people have not carefully read the keyboard of random instructions, the function and use of some buttons are not known or not proficient. This simply can not play the rich play of the electronic piano, especially the accompaniment function, to know, play the piano, on the one hand is to play the keyboard, on the other hand is also playing tricks". In addition, if the price is low, not enough grade, that is, he did not know that there are more expensive, the price is also very expensive electronic keyboard instruments.

Two is affected by utilitarian thinking too much. These people want their children to learn, the purpose is to rely on the famous, to make a living. So think should learn the piano this big musical instrument, become a famous piano player. Do not know, the vast majority of children do not have the talent and ability, parents do not have the determination and perseverance to cultivate children, do not have the conditions around the pianist. It's not that I look down on them. To learn the piano and in this regard "out of the head", is very difficult, is the need for a number of conditions, it is not determined to practice will be able to achieve the goal. Really can achieve the general accompaniment and solo is good, and many children end up with this goal is not up to. And for this point, to learn the keyboard may be more practical. After all, we often meet and need to accompany the popular band. The electronic organ has the advantages of small volume, light weight, and easy portability. Many people around me to the children to buy a piano, due to various reasons, eventually even the basic no graduation, high price to buy the piano finally became a decoration, occupies the place. Regret at the beginning "ambition" is too big

Three is found in electronic organ is electronic technology synthesis, simulation, the falsetto color, not real, unlike the piano is produced by the vibration of the real sound. For the electronic synthesis of the sound, I feel that this is the piano's strengths, it can simulate the natural world without the sound, to compensate for the lack of sound of the vibration instrument. Especially in light music, it can produce more refreshing feeling.

So, if I learn the electronic organ, especially school students and their parents, do not easily to switched to piano, should constantly strive to learn electronic keyboard, not only can play the keyboard, but also will play "tricks", which can give full play to the performance of the electronic organ. For the opportunity to meet our daily needs, the chance of a keyboard may be more than the piano, and more opportunities to show your music and expertise. Of course, for those of their own quality, the external conditions have a piano practice of the child, if there is hope, or to learn the piano. Otherwise, the piano player and the player from where to ah.