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20 tips to teach you how to itching mosquito
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1, as long as willing to change the diet of basic vegetables, body constitution and blood is slightly alkaline, not only mosquitoes do not love to bite, even after being bitten, it will not be too itchy! If bitten by slobber, can be used in slightly alkaline, smear mosquito bites, can also relieve itching!

2, to break apart a garlic section smear mosquito bite package, a minute, and itching.

3, a few people in a bite you a major or related to the smell, you have to eat mosquitoes hate the smell of things:

In April 10th, the central 2 sets for your service program to talk about a way to prevent mosquitoes: eat vitamin B1, if you go to the wild 3-4 days to eat in advance. She said that people do not feel out, mosquitoes can not stand the taste, will be far away from you, it is said to be particularly effective.

4, vitamin B1 soaked brush to make mosquitoes can not close.

There is no side effect of water soluble vitamins. The excess component is completely eliminated, and will not be stored in the human body.

5, the spices in the star anise, fennel each two, soak in warm water basin, with its water bathing, mosquitoes can not close.

6, in the room lit dried orange peel can replace the mosquito coils, both repellent, and can eliminate the house smell.

7, wearing light colored clothes. Everyone's attention! Aedes (also known as the spotted mosquito) most love parked in black clothes. So we try to wear some light in the hot summer clothes.

8, as far as possible to wear socks. Many people like the summer barefoot shoes, not knowing wear socks, mosquito feeling skin humidity decreases, the skin surface to reduce the volatile matter, will reduce the bite.

9, can not be caught after being bitten. Mosquito bites, we will immediately go to catch. But after scratching, the skin tissue fluid and lymph, etc. exudation, swollen into a bag, will catch more urticant more, but also not easy fade, covered with red bean of the leg is so caught out. If you insist on not grasping, generally 10 to 15 minutes later, itching can obviously fade.

10, the mosquito evening before like stops in the vicinity of the sill, after nightfall like resting on the object surface color of the room deep, according to the law swatting mosquitoes, get twice the result with half the effort.

11, in the family can be concentrated soap daub can quickly relieve itching, or soap dipped in water swelling of the smear.

The reason is the soap high fatty acid sodium salt. Such as: C17H35COONa. The sodium salt of the fatty acid solution of alkali (OH -) and H + containing formic acid aqueous solution, because the soap water Oh and formic acid of H + and H2O so you can quickly eliminate pain, itching.

12, apply the principle of ammonia itching, ibid.

13, if the bites itch, can flick a bomb, and then coated with toilet water, oil etc..

14, use saline smear or brew itches, this can cause mass softening, can also effectively relieve itching.

15, available in the aloe leaf juice antipruritic. The swelling and itching from mosquito bites, it can cut a small piece of the aloe leaf, wash clean broke. In red place inunction few and can be swelling and itching.

16, apply snake oil and salt, allowing local anesthesia and relieve nerves, relieve an itch.

17, aspirin pills ground and water applied to the wound, but also has anti-inflammatory swelling effect.

18, if the mosquito bites more sensitive people, might as well before going out, eat a grain of anti histamine drugs.

Finland recently reported that the anti histamine drugs blocking immune response, can reduce the itching and swelling of mosquito bites.

But the side effects of anti - histamine is to sleep, and the driver is not taking it.

19, indoor installation of orange light bulb, because of the fear of mosquitoes orange light, it can produce good repellent effect.

20, the leaves dried and twisted into a rope, lit in a room, the smoke can be repellent.