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The summer to teach you 9 mosquito coup
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And into summer, annoying insects in ants began to wake up, sleep in the evening the worst enemy is the mosquito, today Xiaobian teach you the summer mosquito Raiders, several small tricks teach you how to prevent mosquito bites, let the summer is to sleep more quiet.

Carbon dioxide sensor mosquitoes can feel small tentacles, carbon dioxide, lactic acid and other substances. The release of carbon dioxide in the breath, mosquitoes in 15 meters away from the place to be able to detect. Human lung large can more exhaled carbon dioxide, mosquitoes smell after cluster and. Contains large amount of amino acid, lactic acid and ammonia compounds in sweat, mosquitoes are very sensitive. people

Bacteria on the skin will make the sweat smell increased, the smell will also increase the appetite of mosquitoes. Mosquito favoured people:

1, fat people are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes.

2, women in the period when the secretion changes, are more likely to attract mosquitoes.

3, wearing dark clothes, but also easy to attract mosquitoes.

4, breathing fast person. Respiratory tract exhaled carbon dioxide is the source of the direction of the mosquito mosquito, mosquitoes to find people, and then bite the mouth.

5, mosquitoes bite the pores of rough, sweating more people. Generally men than women, young people than the elderly, healthy people more than the patient to recruit mosquitoes, because they are more than the surface of the skin secretions. And children's metabolism is strong, but also the object of mosquito favor.

Method a, loaded with an empty bottle on sugar water or beer placed in the shade, mosquitoes smell the sweet will drill into the bottle, will be lethal beer or sugar stick.

Two, boiled with vinegar on the side, do not close the room all night, not disturb the mosquito.

Method 3, avoid the pattern mosquito infested period (7-9 hours in the morning and afternoon 4 when to dusk) in the dark, in the shade of a tree, Bush, arbor and place to stay.

Four, in the indoor light orange peel, both repellent and can eliminate peculiar smell inside the house.

Method five, behind closed doors and windows, window placed a pot, pot add detergent mixed water, the next day in the basin there will be dead mosquitoes.

Six, room visit m.buster.

Method 7, climb to the insulation endemic area travel, wear long sleeved clothes and trousers, and apply mosquito repellent drugs on exposed skin and clothes.

Methods eight, 3 to 5 days wash tank, changing the water once, and repotting pouring, cleaning pots, cans of water gas.

Nine, the room a few boxes open fengyoujing.