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This summer mosquito may be particularly expert advice on how to mosquito
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This year the summer of mosquitoes may be particularly expert weapon how mosquito "warmer weather also do not have a few days, mosquitoes, very vexed." Yesterday, Ms. Chen reflects the public. I heard that there is a strong El Nino events this year, the southern region is generally strong precipitation, she worried that this summer's mosquito may be particularly. Things will not be like this? The mosquito what a good way? To this end, the reporter interviewed the city center for Disease Control and prevention of disease prevention and control of biological media, the technician.

The winter mosquito first to exercise"

"It's all over the winter." Bai Yong said that in recent times the temperature is generally above 15 degrees Celsius, the temperature is suitable for mosquito activities, they can not wait to come out. At present, these mosquitoes just wake up soon, the impact on human and livestock is not. Next, when the temperature is maintained at more than 20 degrees Celsius, the female mosquito will suck blood, eggs, breeding small mosquitoes.

Overwintering adult mosquito Culex pipiens pallens majority, the mosquitoes and mosquito family of low-end varieties, whether it is the vitality and fighting capacity or harm, not commonly known as "flower mosquito Aedes albopictus. "Aedes albopictus is generally overwinter in the egg, elevated temperature in April after the eggs begin to hatch average about 10 days, the mosquito will out of the scourge of people, not only the vampire bite, also spread of Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever and other mosquito borne diseases." Bai Yong said.

This past winter, I experienced a minus seven or eight degrees Celsius in cold weather, overwintering eggs can hatch? In this regard, the expert explained that eggs of Aedes albopictus is also very tough, low temperature will result in egg diapause, but does not lead to death. Once the weather gets warmer, and soon the eggs can hatch. At present, few Aedes albopictus in our city. But love health department in the environmental inspection, has been found in a variety of water bodies in the form of mosquito larvae. Therefore, timely removal of these bodies of water can effectively reduce the number of mosquitoes in the near.

The mosquito depends mainly on the water"

Affected by the El Nino phenomenon, this spring, the city's precipitation is expected to be more than in previous years. Many members of the public so worried that this year may be more than a mosquito mosquito. But Bai Yong said that El Nino will indeed bring strong precipitation, is conducive to the breeding of mosquitoes, but if the next temperature is not very fit, then the number of its reproduction will not be too much. Therefore, this summer, the number of mosquitoes will not be significantly more than in previous years, it is not easy to say.

Bai Yong stressed that the key, anti mosquito is diligent, you will want to go to clean the indoor water every few days. This is because, from the egg into the mosquito, on average only 10 days, a little delay, a new batch of mosquitoes surfaced, ready to bite the. Bai Yong explained that mosquitoes are a number of advantages to make up for the quality of the defects of biological, fast reproduction. "Two or three days after the blood was absorbed by a female mosquito, the ovaries were mature enough to lay eggs. A female mosquito in its short two months of life, a full 1000 to 3000 eggs can be produced."

Bai Yong, in the outdoor, pots and other small containers can buckle up, to prevent a repeat of the water, waste tire preferably disposed of, not placing in the open air; indoor, the flowerpot tray, etc. do not retain water, aquatic plants the best 5 to 7 days for a water and rinse root, obstacle free mosquito eggs Lai does not go. Windows can install screen windows, also apply long-lasting insecticide. "We have done experiments, some mosquitoes really is very smart, even the screen will drill, and very stubborn, 20 multi-storey buildings, but also to fly up." Bai Yong said.

The following categories of people are relatively more recruit mosquitoes, the need to better protect: sweating, body odor, metabolism strong people; often make-up, wiping hair gel, pregnant women, drinking wine. In addition, mosquitoes and the nature of the dark, dark complexion, wearing dark clothes, people are relatively more likely to be bitten.