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Clean up dead mosquito is fundamental
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With the provinces of southern China have entered into the high temperature and rainy summer, medical experts and disease prevention and control experts say, anti mosquito need to fully grasp the mosquito activity of "ecological laws", by "physical control method to avoid drug dependence".

China's southern provinces mosquitoes from May to enter the active stage, from June to September peak, 11 months later gradually into the dormant period ", but the weather was hot continuous high temperature areas, mosquito activity cycle will be the early and delayed.

The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people's hospital expert Liu Zhiguo said that the biggest mistake is to prevent mosquitoes by spraying chemicals. In fact, by cleaning up the family and the community health corner, is the fundamental policy to prevent mosquito bites". Such as planting flowers and landscape waters, the site area of the puddle, water in the home altar, is a hotbed of mosquito breeding. These places in time to clean up water silt, to keep the sun, it can be a good way to avoid mosquito raging.